About Us

Power Contracting is a turnkey utilities solutions provider that builds, maintains
and grows infrastructure across the United States.

Our Values


Safety is paramount in the electrical industry, and at Power Contracting, each one of us takes his or her commitment to safety extremely seriously. We don’t just say we’re committed to a safety culture. We believe in it, instill it and live by it. Our performance metrics speak for themselves.


We work hard to be a company where employees are proud to be part of the team, and customers trust us. We’ve built our reputation on dealing fairly and honestly in our business transactions and relationships, and that legacy is at the core of our company’s culture.


Power Contracting is an energy solutions provider with turnkey services, including engineering, design, construction and maintenance of transmission, distribution and substations up to 500 kV. We tailor our approach to fit each of our customers’ project needs, especially as the marketplace is evolving.

What We Do

As a premier full-service electrical contracting company, we offer a wide range of expertise that spans power and civil construction services across infrastructure markets. From project inception to final completion, we have the experience, knowledge and team to make your project a success.

Our portfolio is continually evolving with the needs of our customers, and we will work with you to develop and implement the best approach for your job.

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Sustainability for us means doing the right things for all of our stakeholders in a way that balances current and future needs. Which is why we’ve developed resources to ensure these principles have impact throughout the organization, and beyond.

Vision Statement

Power Contracting pursues actions to reduce the negative impact on future generations’ lives. Through our steadfast commitment to excellence in safety, quality, and productivity, we implement pragmatic approaches to identifying and addressing a spectrum of sustainability issues.


Issues surrounding our sustainability spectrum encompass our environmental stewardship as well as social and economic responsibility. We prioritize issues according to impact and planning. The scope of these issues remains fluid, as our management and teams use a cyclic process to define and refine relative sustainability gaps and improvements.

Environmental regard is paramount in both field and office operations. We strive to perform above local and federal regulations in our efforts to protect the environment.

Our social responsibility toward our employees and community is monumental. We use best-practice systems, such as our stakeholder-designed safety program, to implement methods that consistently instill in and allow employees to carry out desired practices.

Our practices toward economic responsibility are anchored, yet innovative. We tailor our approach to fit each of our customers’ project needs, all the while keeping our fair and honest legacy from the core of our company’s culture. We commit to seeking procurements and suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to conservative sustainability practices.

Practices that may be beyond our scope of evaluation will be indirectly improved upon by encouraging and reviewing our suppliers’ and subcontractors’ sustainability practices.


We understand that environmental, social, and economic issues are integrated. Which is why colleagues from across the organization also serve on the comprehensive sustainability team. This merging of work allows transparent progress toward how we identify our gaps and next steps.

Annual conclusions and redefined goals are then reported to all internal teams in practical ways that allow each team to move forward with realistic next steps. On an ongoing basis and in the spirit of continuous improvement, management and teams will continue to share and educate employees about our company’s sustainability policy and practices.