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At Power Contracting, we take pride in a job done well and done safely. Whenever a client recognizes us for this and takes the time to compliment our work, we are honored. Learn more about some of our recent projects below.

After spending the day walking the [substation] for progress and completion, I wanted to share my findings with your teams…What an amazing transformation from the last time that I visited the site. The amount of steel that was in the air was phenomenal!

Power Contracting worked with [client] to put out an amazing product.

First, I want to talk about the civil side of the yard. The yard was clean and very orderly. The [utility trench] was straight as an arrow, the sand was evenly distributed and flat. The conduits are all sticking up at the same height and angle. Conduits were all capped to prevent debris from getting in. The finished rock was smooth and flat. The crews that were on site were busy and hustling.

Second, the above grade work was starting to take shape. Switches and buss supports were getting set on the piers along with the “A” frames. Drive assemblies were getting constructed.

Third, the control house. I’m not sure that my words can properly describe the craftsmanship that was poured into the house. Walking into the power distribution room, the wire in the trays was neat and organized like the scheme was thoroughly thought [through]…I walked into the main room to see the walls free of conduit and obstructions…The lights were mounted in such a manner that kept them perfectly straight. The tray that is mounted to the ceiling was also perfectly straight…The all-thread ends protruded below the cable tray the same distance throughout the installation. The floor was free of tripping hazards, obstructions and dirt.

Outstanding job throughout the Power Contracting Team.

– Client construction planner

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